Genuine Stromberg restoration parts  

Replace what's missing. All kits fit Stromberg 97, 81, 48 and 40 unless otherwise stated.
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Stromberg-97 - Restoration Parts - 31095KStromberg-97 - Restoration Parts - 31095K

Body screw kit 

Spruce up your rebuild with new screws and washers. Sixteen pieces. All stainless steel.
Stromberg-97 - Restoration Parts - 9522KStromberg-97 - Restoration Parts - 9522K

Bowl plug kit 

Three brass plugs from under the float bowl with gaskets.
Stromberg-97 - Restoration Parts - 9523KStromberg-97 - Restoration Parts - 9523K

Bowl gallery plugs 

There are tiny lead plugs in most of the old Stromberg models, used to seal various passages after machining. Ours are a more environmentally friendly tin alloy, but they work just the same. A pack of 20.
Stromberg-97 - Restoration Parts - 9531KStromberg-97 - Restoration Parts - 9531K

Accelerator pump lever kit 

Connects the accelerator pump rod to the actual pump. A beautiful investment cast stainless steel piece, with new spring and a cotter pin for the pump.
Stromberg-97 - Restoration Parts - 9537KStromberg-97 - Restoration Parts - 9537K

Choke lever detent & spring 

97 and 81 models have this small pin which presses against the choke lever to provide a positive stop when the choke is off. 48 and 40 models don't use one. Comes with a new spring – all stainless steel.
Stromberg-97 - Restoration Parts - 9546KStromberg-97 - Restoration Parts - 9546K

Choke shaft kit 

All Stombergs run better with the chokes in, so if yours is missing, you need this kit. A new picture is on the way as it now comes with the end lever riveted to the shaft. The wave washer goes at the choke lever end.
Stromberg-97 - Restoration Parts - 9549KStromberg-97 - Restoration Parts - 9549K

Choke plate kit 

You need this kit too! A new stainless steel plate with the correct 15 deg edge and brass flapper valve. Two new screws too.
Stromberg-97 - Restoration Parts - 9550KStromberg-97 - Restoration Parts - 9550K

Brass float with hinge pin 

Fits 97, 81, 48, 40 and other models too. Made on the original Stromberg tooling. Pressure tested, of course, and supplied with a new float hinge pin.
Stromberg-97 - Restoration Parts - 9552KStromberg-97 - Restoration Parts - 9552K

Kicker assembly 

Kicks the throttle open just a little when you shut the choke plate. If yours was cut short and brazed onto the base basting, now's the time to put the choke back and get that carburetor working properly. All stainless steel with the correct numbers. Includes a new idle screw & spring.
Stromberg-97 - Restoration Parts - 9552K-BStromberg-97 - Restoration Parts - 9552K-B

Choke cable mounting bracket 

A perfect replica - in stainless steel - of the cable choke mounting bracket that came with '49-'53 Fords. This separate bracket (included with our 9510A-C cable choke carburetor) - mounts off the rear body screw to hold the choke cable sleeve.
Stromberg-97 - Restoration Parts - 9552K-CStromberg-97 - Restoration Parts - 9552K-C

Kicker assembly for cable choke - with bracket 

A perfect replica - in stainless steel - of the 97 kicker assembly for cable choke (designed for '49-53 Fords). A separate bracket - included - mounts off the rear body screw to hold the choke cable sleeve.
Stromberg-97 - Restoration Parts - 9558KStromberg-97 - Restoration Parts - 9558K

Float hinge pin 

It sits below the fuel line - hence that fine thread. If yours leaks, it's because the thread is worn.
Stromberg-97 - Restoration Parts - 9571KStromberg-97 - Restoration Parts - 9571K

Spring kit 

All the exterior springs - all stainless steel.
Stromberg-97 - Restoration Parts - 9577KStromberg-97 - Restoration Parts - 9577K

Accelerator pump discharge jets 

When you gas it, this is where they squirt. So if they're blocked, you're in trouble. We're not going to lie to you. They're difficult to get out and a pig to get back in!
Stromberg-97 - Restoration Parts - 9581KStromberg-97 - Restoration Parts - 9581K

Throttle shaft and bush kit 

Look at your throttle shaft. It's 70 years old, worn to hell and causing a vacuum leak! This is the 97/81 style, but it works with 48 and 40 models if you use the 9526-97 accelerator pump rod. The bushes compress on installation so ream them through (0.278inch) to insure the correct clearance.
Stromberg-97 - Restoration Parts - 9581K-LZStromberg-97 - Restoration Parts - 9581K-LZ

LZ Push style Shaft and bush kit 

An exact replica of the original Lincoln Zephyr throttle shaft and lever. Designed for LZ and '49 to '51 Mercury applications where the pedal pushes the lever. (Ford pedals pull, of course.) The bushes compress on installation so ream them through (0.278inch) to insure the correct clearance.
Stromberg-97 - Restoration Parts - 9585KStromberg-97 - Restoration Parts - 9585K

Throttle plates 

If they're worn on one carburetor, it's tricky to set a stable idle. If you've got three carbs - go figure. These have the correct 7 degree edge so they don't stick in the throttle bore. Comes as a pair.
Stromberg-97 - Restoration Parts - 9589KStromberg-97 - Restoration Parts - 9589K

Throttle stop screw kit 

Fits in the kicker linkage. Used to set your idle speed. New screw and spring. All stainless steel.
Stromberg-97 - Restoration Parts - 9592KStromberg-97 - Restoration Parts - 9592K

Airhorn fulcrum screw kit 

One holds the choke lever (9552K) on. The other fixes the accelerator pump lever (9531K). One of each. Both stainless steel.
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