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Car people ask questions. It’s in our DNA. We’ve answered most of your typical questions here and we’re adding more all the time. Other opinions exist of course. Tell us yours -

BIG97 Installation Guide

Your Guide to Stromberg BIG97 Installation and Adjustment. This is the guide we sent out with every BIG97 carburetor.  

How To: Maximise BIG97 intake flow

The BIG97 ‘early plenum effect’ allows any cylinder to draw from any barrels combining the strong torque/easy drivability characteristics of a dual plane intake with a power curve more usually associated with a single plane. The intake manifold mods explained here enhance that effect, adding even more potential to your BIG97 Tri-power.  

BIG97 Cut-Out Leaflet

We printed up some cool launch leaflets all about the new BIG97, with a crazy cut-out build-it-yourself paper BIG97 on the cover. It's a good introduction to the all-new model and you can download it here, or email us for a real printed copy!  

The All-New BIG97 Tri-Power. In Detail.

If you want to know pretty much everything there is to know about the BIG97 - how it flows so much air, how it mixes the fuel so much better, how to set it up - this is your download right here.  


Why build a bigger 97? Why a Tri-Power? Why modify my intake manifold? Air filters. Jetting. All this and more. We will add to this How-To whenever we get new questions about the BIG97.  
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