This separate ‘How-to’ provides additional information on installing Stromberg TwoStep progressive linkages with additional auto-trans kickdown capability. Please read this in conjunction with the full Stromberg Linkage Installation Guide, which can also be downloaded at our Tech Center.

All Stromberg kickdown-capable (KD) progressive linkages should be installed using the TwoStep Linkage Installation Guide supplied with your linkage. However, please note this additional information:

NOTE: KD linkages use a different center carburetor lever to that shown in the Installation Guide, but the linkage is installed and tuned in the same way. The ‘kickdown’ end has a 1⁄4”UNF thread, which accepts the special fixing common to most (eg ‘Lokar®’) hot rod auto-trans kickdown cable kits. On some intake manifolds, the shape of the casting means that space can be limited behind the lower end of the lever. If this is the case on your application, please secure the kickdown cable end fitting with thread locker (Loctite® or similar) and trim the screw back to ensure free movement from idle to Wide Open Throttle.

Stromberg KD linkages are designed to work in conjunction with the Stromberg Cable Throttle Mounting Bracket (9136K). Installed under the rear carburetor of a three-carb (3×2) Stromberg progressive linkage, it provides a fixing hole for the small extension bracket supplied with most aftermarket auto-trans kickdown cable kits.
The 9136K bracket will also mount a typical hot rod aftermarket throttle cable kit, of course, positioning the cable for optimum, bind-free ‘pull’ from the center lever of the Stromberg 3×2 progressive linkage.

The bracket may need adjustment to suit your individual application. For example, the carburetor return spring mount (which points downwards) may not allow the bracket to sit flat on some intakes, and may need trimming back or bending out to clear the intake casting. Please refer to our separate document, HOW TO: Install 9136K Cable throttle mounting bracket, also available to download at our Tech Center.
Always check that your vehicle’s automatic transmission and kickdown cable are compatible with the Stromberg KD linkage. Different transmissions have specific kickdown requirements and incorrect set-up can result in transmission damage.

Before use, always ensure you connect all of the linkage and fuel lines correctly. Before and after you attach the throttle pedal, check that all carburetors move freely from idle to Wide Open Throttle (WOT) when you operate the throttle, and snap shut when released. Check that the pedal does not strain the linkage once WOT is achieved, or cause any ‘over-center’ condition. Check that all throttle return springs work effectively and never run a carburetor without an effective throttle return spring.

Do not use the Stromberg progressive linkage and/or 9136K mounting bracket in any configuration that will cause sticking and/or binding or ‘over-center’ movement in the linkage, which could result in uncontrolled engine speed, property damage, serious personal injury, or death.

You’re done! If you think we’ve missed anything or can improve on this Genuine Stromberg ‘How To’, then please let us know. Email us – tech@stromberg-