a) Unbolt and remove the carburetor from the intake manifold. Remove all traces of the old gasket and clean the mounting surfaces on both the carburetor and manifold. Verify that the mounting surface of the intake manifold (and any spacers or adapters) are completely flat. And inspect the carburetor mounting studs to insure they are straight. New studs, lock washers and nuts are available from your Genuine Stromberg dealer (kit 89067K-3).

b) Place a new Stromberg carburetor-to-manifold gasket in the correct position on the intake studs. NOTE: Use the gaskets dry. Do not use any cement, glue or RTV sealant. Place the 9136K bracket on top of the gasket with the arms on the same side as the carburetor fuel inlet valves, ensuring that the bracket sits totally flat on the gasket. Then install a second carburetor-to-manifold gasket on top of the bracket. Replace the carburetor on top of the gasket on the studs. Install lock washers, then nuts using the 1/2in AF wrench. Tighten nuts in a progressive manner to a recommended 15 ft./lbs. of torque.


Do not use the 9136K mounting bracket in any configuration that will cause sticking and/or binding or ‘over-center’ movement in the linkage, which could result in uncontrolled engine speed, property damage, serious personal injury, or death.


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