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My 97 leaks fuel past the float pin

Got a fuel leak past the Stromberg float pin screw? This is how to seal the fuel bowl.

Should I use adjustable main jets?

We don’t recommend adjustable main jets because fixed jetting helps every cylinder get the same mixture. Click the title to read more…

What is the standard jetting?

What was the stock, standard, factory jetting for my Stromberg 97, 81, 48?

Stromberg 97 and Vacuum Advance

Regular Stromberg 97s do not provide ‘ported vacuum’ for a modern vacuum advance distributor. But our 9510A-VP Vacuum Port option changed all that. There are still a lot of questions around the subject through, so let’s answer some here.

Will the new 97 fit my car?

Thinking about a 97? Here are some notes about your manifold stud pattern, carburetor spacing, air cleaner and hood clearance, linkage, choke, fuel lines, distributor vacuum, cfm and more.

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What jets should I use?

Jetting your Strombergs for altitude, multiple carburetion or local gasoline is a very popular tech question. Let’s talk about which main jets, power valves, factory jetting and more.

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