Old School Coil Bracket


  • NEW for 2024!
  • Mounts all popular canister coils
  • Old School front clip
  • The perfect mount for your Stromberg 44 coil
  • Stainless steel, of course
  • S-logo sticker can be removed (if you insist)

Part No. 9707K


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Old School Coil Bracket

NEW for 2024! The Stromberg Old School Coil Bracket. Styled after a cool piece we found at a vintage swap meet, it mounts all popular (x inch dia) canister coils, including the new Stromberg 44 1.5 Ohm ignition coil.

We’ve kept the logo pretty subtle for an early hot rod style, but we know some folks like an even plainer look, so we made it a sticker so you can swap it out. The whole bracket is stainless steel, of course. We’re looking forward to seeing the first with full polish.