Big Bore Stainless fuel line 3×2 – Small Block Chevy


Fits Offenhauser 3558 (small block Chevy) 3x2 intake

Fits Edelbrock 5414 & 5418 (small block Chevy) 3x2 intake

Accurate CNC-bent 5/16in OD line with furnace brazed joints

Classic 3-into-1 fuel block aligns with valve covers

Must use 9564K-BIG S-jet inlet valves (standard on Stromberg BIG97)

Use with Stromberg 9246S or 9246PRO linkage

Part No. 9146-BIG


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Big Bore Stainless fuel line 3×2 – Small Block Chevy

Classic 3-into-1 stainless fuel line for Stromberg 97/48/81 carburetors on small block Chevy 3×2 intakes.

Designed and manufactured exclusively by Stromberg Speed Parts, TwoStep fuel lines combine super-clean looks with cool hot rod styling. The big bore 5/16in OD lines are CNC-bent for an exact fit with invisible furnace brazed joints.

The round-bar fuel block sits down close to the manifold, angled to align visually with the valve covers. For maximum versatility, it has 1/4NPT threads at both ends with machined 11/16in AF flats so fittings can be tightened safely without damaging the line.


Brass 5/16in compression fittings are supplied. A wide range of 1/4NPT brass fittings is available separately from Stromberg. Please see the Associated Products tab.

NOTE: This big bore fuel line must be used with Stromberg 9564k-BIG S-jet inlet valves. Fitted as standard on Stromberg BIG97s, they are specially designed to take 5/16in OD stainless steel line. Regular Stromberg 97 carbs take 1/4in line so you MUST update to 9564K-BIG S-jets.

Every Stromberg fuel line kit is supplied ready to install in just two simple steps and comes with full instructions. Click the other tabs for help with installation.


TwoStep Fuel Lines Installation Guide

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