Note: Picture to be used for reference only. Carburetor models may vary.

Note: Please read all the WARNINGS below. 

NOTE: Stromberg accelerator pump rod links (3) come in two sizes. Please ensure you have the correct length rod for your carburetor. As a rough guide, the 9526K-97 version (which also fits the 81 model) is just under 3-7/8 inch long overall. The 9526K-48 rod (which also fits the 40 model) is just under 3-5/8 inches long overall. The critical measurement is the rod length inside the end caps, of course, but these rough sizes will help with any unidentified rods you may have lying around. The end cap lengths may vary a little, hence the rough dimensions. Stromberg 48 and 40 carburetors do not have S (Summer) and W (Winter) adjustment choices on the throttle shaft end bracket. They have just one arm where the accelerator pump link should be attached.

On 97 and 81 models, using the pump rod on the W setting provides a little extra travel for the accelerator pump, so you get a little more gasoline for each ‘squirt’. Swapping between S and W is one element of tuning your Strombergs for optimum power and fuel efficiency.


a) Before you disconnect the accelerator pump rod (1) from the carburetor, flick the pump fulcrum lever spring (33) off the lever (34) to stop the accelerator pump rising too high and sticking in the pump well. Push the pump down into the carburetor. Now remove the pump rod. It’s easiest if the carburetor is fixed down. Remove the lower end first. Grasp the center part of the rod with one hand and the bottom cap with the other, then pull the rod upwards to release the lower end cap off the ball on the throttle bracket and pull it off. Now hold the top end cap tight and pull the rod downwards to release it from the accelerator pump fulcrum lever (6).

b) To install the new rod, start at the top end. Align the ball with the hole in the rod cap. Hold the cap in one hand pushing it onto the accelerator pump lever as you pull the rod downwards. Now set the throttle shaft bracket up against the idle stop and pull the pump rod upwards so you can push the end cap onto the S or W ball on the throttle shaft bracket. Manually operate the throttle lever mechanisms, checking for and correcting any sticking, binding, over-center movement, or malfunction.

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