Back to your roots

The new Stromberg e-FIRE distributor looks like it belongs on your traditional flathead motor. It bolts on like a stocker with a black cap. It has an old-school performance tag with a unique ID number. And it’s as short as we could make it. If you’re building a hot rod, you’ll thank us for that.

Electronic. Like Robbie the Robot

e-FIRE distributors have simple, built-in electronic ignition. No points, no condenser, no black or red black box, no maintenance, no worries. It’s easy to install with just two wires to your regular coil. And the timing adjuster is on the side so you don’t have to turn the whole body. We’ve tuned the static timing, advance rate and max total advance specifically to suit the flathead V8. Bolt it on. It works straight out of the box.

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