Still styling and layout bits n pieces to do but would like to get the backend and functionality nailed.

All display pages generally work alike except Product pages and FAQ’s.

Product Pages and Content Block Inserts

Product pages

For ref:

Product pages pull in a default header bar with image, we can set the images once functionality is decided.

Product pages display:

Header with image

header bar with image, we can set the images once functionality is decided.

Product Images and featured image

Featured image is used across the site for product ranges etc. There is an extra field for more product images, the featured image will be used by default if no further images are added.


This is the short brief description displayed alongside the images and used in product lists.

More info fields

This is used for the tab block below the image and excerpt, this block will only appear if any of the following: More info fields populated and/or Tech article/FAQ or PDF have been assigned to this product or product category.

Layout of the more info will reflect population, both columns populated will display 2 columns, single column populated will generate a single centred column.


Content Blocks

The following is the same process for all sections that use the page block functionality


This will take you to a new page, make sure you have saved the current page as all changes will be lost when the ‘Create block’ button is clicked.

Enter a title, this is used for admin ref only so use something descriptive.

‘Link to this block’ once this block is saved it will display a link that can be used to directly link to this content block.

‘Make Global’ check this to make this block available to all pages.

Once a title is added a template for this block can be selected from ‘Page Attributes’ in the right column (please ignore ‘Parent’ and ‘Order’ fields). Once a template is selected click save and the page will reload with fields and options for the block selected.

Once the fields have been entered click save and then the ‘edit assigned page’ button to take you back to the page it was created from. Please note that if the block has ‘global block’ checked it will return to the page the block  was first created for.

Adding the block to the page

When you return the block will be available from the selct dropdowns in the ‘Select and order blocks’ panel.

The dropdown will list list first the blocks created just for this page and then a list of global blocks, select a block and order the block by dragging the dotted square top left of the row. Once selected and ordered click save and the block will be marked ‘-assigned’

Edit and preview: again, make sure the page is saved before clicking the edit button. This will take you back to this block to make any changes.

Preview will open a new page and display just this block as it will appear on the website. Please note many of these will not display/preview correctly at this time until the template block functionality and display have been finalised.

‘The add More’ button at the bottom will add a new row to select blocks that have already been created

Please make sure the page is saved before navigating to another page or function

Product Indexes

Product Index, how it works.

Product indexes are used to display a product line or category.

Products currently are categorised under 6 main categories. When you select the Product Indexes section in admin(left menu) the pages will be listed with main index then child indexes below:

Linkage Kits
–Linkage Kits 2×2
–Linkage Kits 3×2

To create a new index, click add new(top of page), Name the page and then select parent from the ‘page attributes’ box on right of page. click save and the page is ready to start adding content blocks.

Speed parts Nav

The speed parts nav and footer is generated from the product indexes structure.

Because the first 3 categories have no child categories it lists links straight to the product pages the rest will list the child category index links.


I’m currently working this section into the format discussed on our last meet: left navigation categories which load into the main window similar to the Patagonia site.


Tech Centre

Tech Centre Landing Page

This has different functionality to the rest so is located in the Information Pages section allowing update of the right column content for Intro and instructions on using the Tech centre.

Tech Artlicles

These are content block based articles created in the same way as product indexes which have access to all templates. Also has an excerpt field for a short description for listings and product page tabs.


These have Q & A style blocks that can be added, removed and ordered. Each Q & A block also has a related  links section. Also has an excerpt field for a short description for listings and product page tabs.


Just an upload and an excerpt field for a short description for listings and product page tabs.

Assigning categories

Top right column for article, FAQ & PDF admin pages is ‘Tech Categories’ these are the categories within the tech area which have the main categories as specified: How-to, Big97, Distributors etc… These will display in the left nav on the live site as a link to display all articles in that category with the excerpt description.  There will also be a dropdown below with quick links to all articles in that category. Categories will not display unless they have articles, FAQ’s or PDF’s assigned to them. Sub categories can be added to the main categories and will display in orange in the dropdowns these will list all articles for this subcat i.e. How-to > GENUINE 97.

Note: When creating a new article, FAQ or PDF it will assign it to ‘Uncategorised’ remember to uncheck this once the correct category(s) have been checked.

Categories can be managed via the Tech Articles subnav in admin left column:

Categories will be listed along with sub cats in the same format as the Product Indexes:

–Genuine 97

Add new categories via the left hand fields selecting a parent from the dropdown, leave the slug field as this will auto populate on save.

Assigning Articles to Products and Product categories and relationships to other articles

This process is the same for Articles, Faq’s & PDF’s

Product Categories

Below the Tech Categories in the right column are all the product category panels: Carburetors, Distributors etc… When a category is checked a link to this article will display in the More Info tabs panel under the related tab (Tech Centre tab for Articles and FAQ’s, Downloads for PDF’s)  for every product in the category selected.

Individual Products

At the bottom of each article, FAQ and PDF page are ‘Connected to..’ Panels. These allow you to assign the current post to individual products to display in relevant  tab.

‘Connected to..’ will also allow you to add a ‘Related Link’ to other articles FAQ’s & PDF’s, these will display at the foot of each article.

Information Pages

These can be used for further information pages for products or product categories and have content block functionality i.e.