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Cable Choke

Everything that’s great about Stromberg 97 plus a super accurate re-issue of the late model original Stromberg cable choke lever and bracket. Works best with an original style hard push/pull wire.

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Ported Vacuum

The vac-port equipped 97 can provide vacuum to your vac-advance distributor through a small brass fitting just behind the kicker linkage. Ported vacuum is taken from just above the throttle plate to provide additional, vacuum-activated timing advance only at light load/part throttle conditions and not at idle or full throttle. Claimed benefits of vacuum advance include improved fuel economy and throttle response.

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Push Throttle

Available only from Stromberg Speed Parts, this Genuine 97 carburetor has a different throttle shaft bracket, set up for linkages that push instead of the usual pull from the firewall. Just what you need for your 1949-51 Mercury or Lincoln Zephyr.

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