TwoStep 4×2 Direct Linkage. Trim-to-Fit


Complete 4x2 direct linkage for carburetors in two banks of two

Trims to fit intakes with maximum dimensions:

Carb spacing front to back : 9-1/2in
Carb spacing side to side: 9-1/8in
Offset between banks: 1 inch

Part No. 9270-D


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TwoStep 4×2 Direct Linkage. Trim-to-Fit

A specially developed, trim-to-fit 4×2  linkage for carburetors in two banks of two with dimensions as given above. If in doubt, measure your manifold spacing.

The back-bar comprises unique low-line brackets with rolled ends and Oilite self-lubricating bushes – one long and one short. Trim the long one to suit the offset between the two banks of carbs. Supported at four points for zero flex, the stainless steel back-bar shaft comes with two end stops to prevent lateral movement. Opposite threaded rod ends ensure easy linkage adjustment. Just spin the secondary link rod to adjust for the correct lever angles.


Connects to your throttle pedal linkage via one of the two long back-bar levers, or a further one (Stromberg kit 9096K) added anywhere along the back-bar shaft to align with your ‘pull’ point. Stromberg recommends a mechanical pedal link for all multi-carb systems.

The linkage comes pre-assembled with full instructions on trimming, installation and tuning. Click the other tabs to preview.

Please note: This kit will not fit Holley, Ford or Edelbrock 94-style carburetors which have idle mixture screws on the back.

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Choosing the right linkage for your 4×2

At Stromberg we’ve got a 4x2 linkage for your intake, whether the carbs are spaced or tight, staggered or inline -  Offenhauser, Martin, Offy Pacesetter, Horne, Cragar, WC4D, CD-694, blower / supercharger intakes and more. Some use a back-bar. Others need our 9139K throttle extensions. Read on!


TwoStep Linkage Installation Guide

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Back-bar Linkage Installation Guide

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