TwoStep 2×2 Progressive Linkage. Chrome. 5 to 5-3/16in carb spacing


Fits early Ford 4-cylinder Scalded Dog Equalizer and Riley Two Port 2x2 intakes (5in)

Fits most 2x2 adapters designed for 4bbl carb intakes (5-3/16in)

Fits Vern Tardell Slingshot 2x2 adapter (5-3/16in)

Show chrome/polished stainless steel finish

To use with banjo fittings, add 9086K spacers

Extended throttle shafts not required


Part No. 9248PRO-CHR


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TwoStep 2×2 Progressive Linkage. Chrome. 5 to 5-3/16in carb spacing

A quality 2×2 progressive carburetor linkage designed for optimum performance and versatility. Use on intakes with 5in to 5-3/16in carb spacing. If in doubt, simply measure your manifold spacing – throttle shaft to throttle shaft.

Exclusive to Stromberg Speed Parts, this linkage features our ‘Snapback’ throttle return springs which virtually disappear from view. The tapered rod stops are fully adjustable, with discreet set screw fixings.

The linkage comes pre-assembled, installs in just two simple steps and comes with full instructions. Click the other tabs for help with installation and tuning.

WARNING! To use this linkage with banjo fuel fittings, you must add our 9086K banjo fitting spacers to ensure safe clearance between the long lever and the fuel line. Always read the instructions before installation.


4-banger specialist Charlie Yapp (Secrets of Speed magazine) tells us, “Ford Model A and B type engines are mounted in the frame at 4 degrees tilt to the rear so the manifolds have a 4 degree angled mount to keep the carburetors level.

The “Equalizer” and “Riley Two Port” dual intake manifolds feature a mixing plenum so you can set them up with two functioning carbs linked directly or with a progressive linkage. It will also work well, on the street, with one dummy carb at the rear and the functioning carb forward.

Why? The reason goes back to the 4 degree tilt. If any raw fuel finds its way into the manifold it will run backwards, giving it more time to evaporate before entering the rear siamese ports. Of course . . . raw fuel can degrade performance and cause a rich situation. If the carbs are set up and jetted correctly there would be no liquid fuel.”


TwoStep Linkage Installation Guide

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