TwoStep 3×2 Progressive Linkage. 5-1/2in carb spacing with kickdown


Fits Offenhauser 3558 (small block Chevy) 3x2 intake

Fits Edelbrock 5414 & 5418 (small block Chevy) 3x2 intake

Extended center lever with auto-trans kickdown capability

To use with banjo fittings, add 9086K spacers

Extended throttle shafts not required

Part No. 9246PRO-KD


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TwoStep 3×2 Progressive Linkage. 5-1/2in carb spacing with kickdown

A premium 3×2 progressive carburetor linkage designed for optimum performance and versatility. Use on intakes with 5-1/2in carb spacing. If in doubt, simply measure your manifold spacing – throttle shaft to throttle shaft.

Exclusive to Stromberg Speed Parts, this linkage features our ‘Snapback’ throttle return springs which virtually disappear from view. Special swivels and bolts clamp the rod ends tight, yet still allow full rotation. The small bolt has a blind hole, allowing you to insert eg, a hex key, to tighten the lock nut.

The extended center lever has a 1⁄4”UNF thread, which accepts the special fixing common to most (eg ‘Lokar®’) hot rod auto-trans kickdown cable kits. Stromberg KD linkages are designed to work with the Stromberg Cable Throttle Bracket (9136K).



The tapered rod stops are fully adjustable, with discreet set screw fixings and opposite threaded rod ends ensure easy adjustment. Just spin the secondary link rod to adjust for the correct lever angles.

The linkage comes pre-assembled, installs in just two simple steps and comes with full instructions. Click the other tabs for help with installation and tuning.

WARNING! To use this linkage with banjo fuel fittings, you must add our 9086K banjo fitting spacers to ensure safe clearance between the long lever and the fuel line. Always read the instructions before installation.

WARNING! Always check that your vehicle’s automatic transmission and kickdown cable are compatible with the Stromberg KD linkage. Different transmissions have specific kickdown requirements and incorrect set-up can result in transmission damage.

Tech Center

Connecting your KD linkage

Important information on installing Stromberg TwoStep progressive KD linkages with additional automatic transmission kickdown capability. Please read this in conjunction with the full Stromberg Linkage Installation Guide, also on our Tech Center. And check out our 9136K cable throttle brackets, too.

Tuning the 3×2 Progressive linkage

So you’ve got your Stromberg TwoStep 3x2 progressive linkage. Here’s how to make the best use of it. Primary and secondary carbs, banjos, fuel pumps, push or pull? There’s a lot to learn.


TwoStep Linkage Installation Guide

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