TwoStep 2×2 Linkage. Chrome. 4-3/4in carb spacing


Fits Offenhauser 1090 & 1075 2x2 Regular intakes

Fits Edelbrock 1103 2x2 Slingshot intake

Fits Navarro 2x2 Regular intake

Fits Eddie Meyer 2x2 High-rise intake

Fits Thickstun PM-7 High-rise intake

Works with all Stromberg 9141 TwoStep fuel lines (pictured)

Show chrome/polished stainless steel finish

Extended throttle shafts not required

Part No. 9241S-CHR


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TwoStep 2×2 Linkage. Chrome. 4-3/4in carb spacing

A competitively priced, 2×2 carburetor linkage with clean, traditional looks, chrome Superlink levers and a polished stainless link rod. Use on intake manifolds with carburetors 4-3/4 inches apart. If in doubt, simply measure your manifold spacing – throttle shaft to throttle shaft.


Exclusive to Stromberg Speed Parts, this linkage features ‘Snapback’ throttle return springs which virtually disappear from view. The swivels are positively fixed by a small e-clip on the back, and the small black set-screws on the front have knurled ends for a strong fix on the stainless rod.

The linkage comes pre-assembled, installs in just two simple steps and comes with full instructions. Click the other tabs for help with installation and tuning.

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HOW TO: Connect a throttle cable to a Stromberg linkage

Cable throttle is easy to install with all our S and PRO linkages. Use our 9136K bracket, a 9166K Rocket Clip and 9168K linkage balls. Click for more info...


TwoStep Linkage Installation Guide

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