TwoStep 2×2 Linkage. Chrome. 5 to 5-3/16in carb spacing


Fits early Ford 4-cylinder Scalded Dog Equalizer and Riley Two Port 2x2 intakes (5in)

Fits most 2x2 adapters designed for 4bbl carb intakes (5-3/16in)

Fits Vern Tardell Slingshot 2x2 adapter (5-3/16in)

Show chrome/polished stainless steel finish

Extended throttle shafts not required

Part No. 9248S-CHR


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TwoStep 2×2 Linkage. Chrome. 5 to 5-3/16in carb spacing

A competitively priced, 2×2 carburetor linkage with clean, traditional looks, chrome Superlink levers and a polished stainless steel link rod. Use on intakes with 5in to 5-3/16in carb spacing. If in doubt, simply measure your manifold spacing – throttle shaft to throttle shaft.

Exclusive to Stromberg Speed Parts, this linkage features ‘Snapback’ throttle return springs which virtually disappear from view. The swivels are positively fixed by a small e-clip on the back, and the small black set-screws on the front have knurled ends for a strong fix on the stainless rod.

The linkage comes pre-assembled, installs in just two simple steps and comes with full instructions. Click the other tabs for help with installation and tuning.

4-banger specialist Charlie Yapp (Secrets of Speed Society)tells us, “Ford Model A and B type engines are mounted in the frame at 4 degrees tilt to the rear so the manifolds have a 4 degree angled mount to keep the carburetors level.

The “Equalizer” and “Riley Two Port” dual intake manifolds feature a mixing plenum so you can set them up with two functioning carbs linked directly or with a progressive linkage. It will also work well, on the street, with one dummy carb at the rear and the functioning carb forward.

Why? The reason goes back to the 4 degree tilt. If any raw fuel finds its way into the manifold it will run backwards, giving it more time to evaporate before entering the rear siamese ports. Of course . . . raw fuel can degrade performance and cause a rich situation. If the carbs are set up and jetted correctly there would be no liquid fuel.”


TwoStep Linkage Installation Guide

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