Banjo fitting spacer with rod clearance


Moves banjo out one inch from fuel line to clear progressive linkages with extra clearance for 6x2 progressive linkage. Fits single and double banjos. And both 97 and BIG97.

Part No. 9086K-C


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Banjo fitting spacer with rod clearance

Enables the use of Stromberg banjos with your 6×2 progressive linkage – fit one 9086K-C to each center carb to provide clearance for the forward-facing sliding rod.

On a Stromberg 6×2 progressive linkage, the sliding rods on each bank must pull the front carbs open. Progressives need spacers with banjos. But the rod would hit the spacer. Not any more! 9086K-C simply provides clearance for that sliding rod to clear.

Banjo fittings on a 6×2 means just two fuel lines to the back of the engine for a cleaner look. Please note: The pictures are for illustration purposes only. Banjos are available separately.

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Can I use 5/16in hard line on my 97s?

5/16 inch OD hard fuel line can be used on your 97 or BIG97, BUT you need the right Ford nut compression fitting ( 9581K-BIG ) and the 9564K-BIG Stromberg S-jet inlet valve. BIG97s already have the BIG S-jet. Read on!