Extended SuperSeat hose fitting


Extended length with gap for rod on 6x2 linkages. Has the correct 18 degree seat to fit Stromberg needle & seat, and new S-jet with no ugly threads showing. Fits for 5/16in and 3/8in ID hose.

Part No. 9080K-E


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Extended SuperSeat hose fitting

An extended Superseat hose fitting, specially designed with a gap to clear forward facing 3×2 progressive linkages. Superseat fittings are the only brass hose ends available with the correct 18 degree seat for Stromberg inlets (original or S-jet). So no leaks and period looks too. Perfect for 5/16″ ID hose – but 3/8″ ID hose also clamps up great. They also fit 9564K-BIG S-jet (standard on BIG 97 carbs).

On a Stromberg 6×2 progressive linkage, the sliding rods on each bank must pull the front carbs open, because of clearance issues with the back-bar. This WAS a problem because the sliding rod (in the top adjustment hole) would rub on the underside of the center carburetor hose. You can’t move it to a lower hole because it’s taken by the link to the back-bar. And you can’t swap them or those back-bar links hit the back carb fuel inlet! 9080K-E simply moves the hose and clamp a little further out to leave a gap for the sliding rod to clear.

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Can I use 5/16in hard line on my 97s?

5/16 inch OD hard fuel line can be used on your 97 or BIG97, BUT you need the right Ford nut compression fitting ( 9581K-BIG ) and the 9564K-BIG Stromberg S-jet inlet valve. BIG97s already have the BIG S-jet. Read on!