Banjo bolt. Fits fuel gauge


Replaces standard bolt on all Stromberg banjos to add an 1/8in NPT thread for a typical fuel pressure gauge. Includes two new gaskets.

Part No. 9084K-G


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Banjo bolt. Fits fuel gauge

If you already have Stromberg banjos (9082K or 9083K) and want to add a fuel pressure gauge to your line, right at the carburetor, this is the bolt for you. The 1/8th NPT hole in the end of the banjo bolt accepts your hot rod fuel pressure gauge, which is all the more important with Stromberg 97 carburetors because you need to ensure 2.5psi max. On Ford flathead applications, check for gauge clearance on your top radiator hoses. Note: To provide safe clearance with a 3×2 progressive linkage, banjo fittings must be used with our stainless banjo spacers (9086K). Will not provide clearance for progressive linkages on 6×2 systems. All direct linkages clear OK without spacers.

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Can I use 5/16in hard line on my 97s?

5/16 inch OD hard fuel line can be used on your 97 or BIG97, BUT you need the right Ford nut compression fitting ( 9581K-BIG ) and the 9564K-BIG Stromberg S-jet inlet valve. BIG97s already have the BIG S-jet. Read on!