S-jet – BIG97 – Chrome


Special S-jet for 5/16in hard line - in chrome! Must be used on regular Stromberg 97s with 9146-BIG 3x2 fuel line for Small Block Chevy. Regular 97s are only designed for 1/4in line - not 5/16in.

Part No. 9564K-BIG-C


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S-jet – BIG97 – Chrome

A specially designed S-jet inlet valve (in chrome) for use with 5/16in OD Stromberg Big Bore fuel lines – eg 9146-BIG 3×2 line for Small Block Chevy. Also accepts regular 9080K Stromberg SuperSeat hose fittings.

The 9564K S-jet, (standard on regular Stromberg 97s) is designed for 1/4in fuel line and must not be used with 5/16in line. This 9564K-BIG version is fitted as standard on Stromberg BIG 97s, so is ready to accept the Big Bore fuel lines without additional parts.

The Genuine Stromberg twin-ball S-jet is the ‘next generation’ needle and seat. It’s designed to eject dirt particles and improve high speed running and, unlike many a so-called viton-tipped needle valve, it won’t stick or melt in today’s corrosive new gas formulas. Comes with a new fibre washer. Fits Stromberg 97, 48, 81 and LZ.


Premium Service Kit Installation Guide

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