Product Indexes

Product Index, how it works.

Product indexes are used to display a product line or category.

Products currently are categorised under 6 main categories. When you select the Product Indexes section in admin(left menu) the pages will be listed with main index then child indexes below:

Linkage Kits
–Linkage Kits 2×2
–Linkage Kits 3×2

To create a new index, click add new(top of page), Name the page and then select parent from the ‘page attributes’ box on right of page. click save and the page is ready to start adding content blocks.

Speed parts Nav

The speed parts nav and footer is generated from the product indexes structure.

Because the first 3 categories have no child categories it lists links straight to the product pages the rest will list the child category index links.


I’m currently working this section into the format discussed on our last meet: left navigation categories which load into the main window similar to the Patagonia site.