Tech Centre

Tech Centre Landing Page

This has different functionality to the rest so is located in the Information Pages section allowing update of the right column content for Intro and instructions on using the Tech centre.

Tech Artlicles

These are content block based articles created in the same way as product indexes which have access to all templates. Also has an excerpt field for a short description for listings and product page tabs.


These have Q & A style blocks that can be added, removed and ordered. Each Q & A block also has a related  links section. Also has an excerpt field for a short description for listings and product page tabs.


Just an upload and an excerpt field for a short description for listings and product page tabs.

Assigning categories

Top right column for article, FAQ & PDF admin pages is ‘Tech Categories’ these are the categories within the tech area which have the main categories as specified: How-to, Big97, Distributors etc… These will display in the left nav on the live site as a link to display all articles in that category with the excerpt description.  There will also be a dropdown below with quick links to all articles in that category. Categories will not display unless they have articles, FAQ’s or PDF’s assigned to them. Sub categories can be added to the main categories and will display in orange in the dropdowns these will list all articles for this subcat i.e. How-to > GENUINE 97.

Note: When creating a new article, FAQ or PDF it will assign it to ‘Uncategorised’ remember to uncheck this once the correct category(s) have been checked.

Categories can be managed via the Tech Articles subnav in admin left column:

Categories will be listed along with sub cats in the same format as the Product Indexes:

–Genuine 97

Add new categories via the left hand fields selecting a parent from the dropdown, leave the slug field as this will auto populate on save.

Assigning Articles to Products and Product categories and relationships to other articles

This process is the same for Articles, Faq’s & PDF’s

Product Categories

Below the Tech Categories in the right column are all the product category panels: Carburetors, Distributors etc… When a category is checked a link to this article will display in the More Info tabs panel under the related tab (Tech Centre tab for Articles and FAQ’s, Downloads for PDF’s)  for every product in the category selected.

Individual Products

At the bottom of each article, FAQ and PDF page are ‘Connected to..’ Panels. These allow you to assign the current post to individual products to display in relevant  tab.

‘Connected to..’ will also allow you to add a ‘Related Link’ to other articles FAQ’s & PDF’s, these will display at the foot of each article.