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HOW TO: Connect a throttle cable to a Stromberg linkage

Cable throttle is easy to install with all our S and PRO linkages. Use our 9136K bracket, a 9166K Rocket Clip and 9168K linkage balls. Click for more info…

Tuning your Stromberg 6×2 for the street

If you are planning a 6×2 for the street, here are some things to think about. Not just direct or progressive linkage adjustment, but jetting, pedal response, BIG97 primaries and more. Well worth a read!

Choosing the right linkage for your 6×2

At Stromberg we’ve got a 6×2 linkage for your intake – direct or progressive – with a cool back-bar. Ready sized to fit your Edelbrock X1 or Offy Pacesetter or trim-to-Fit for other log manifold types. Blower / supercharger intakes can use our 9139K throttle extensions. Read on!

Choosing the right linkage for your 4×2

At Stromberg we’ve got a 4×2 linkage for your intake, whether the carbs are spaced or tight, staggered or inline –  Offenhauser, Martin, Offy Pacesetter, Horne, Cragar, WC4D, CD-694, blower / supercharger intakes and more. Some use a back-bar. Others need our 9139K throttle extensions. Read on!

Tuning the 3×2 Progressive linkage

So you’ve got your Stromberg TwoStep 3×2 progressive linkage. Here’s how to make the best use of it. Primary and secondary carbs, banjos, fuel pumps, push or pull? There’s a lot to learn.

97 Hand throttle linkage

Need to install the original hand throttle linkage on your new 97 or BIG97 for that matter? Here’s how…

Connecting your KD linkage

Important information on installing Stromberg TwoStep progressive KD linkages with additional automatic transmission kickdown capability. Please read this in conjunction with the full Stromberg Linkage Installation Guide, also on our Tech Center. And check out our 9136K cable throttle brackets, too.

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