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Multiple Carbs

Tuning your Stromberg 6×2 for the street

If you are planning a 6×2 for the street, here are some things to think about. Not just direct or progressive linkage adjustment, but jetting, pedal response, BIG97 primaries and more. Well worth a read!

Choosing the right fuel lines for your 6×2

6×2 intakes are tricky when it comes to fuel lines, mostly in avoiding the linkage. But we have solutions, mostly in special fuel fittings like our 9080K-E hose end and 9086K-C banjo spacers.

Choosing the right linkage for your 6×2

At Stromberg we’ve got a 6×2 linkage for your intake – direct or progressive – with a cool back-bar. Ready sized to fit your Edelbrock X1 or Offy Pacesetter or trim-to-Fit for other log manifold types. Blower / supercharger intakes can use our 9139K throttle extensions. Read on!

Choosing the right linkage for your 4×2

At Stromberg we’ve got a 4×2 linkage for your intake, whether the carbs are spaced or tight, staggered or inline –  Offenhauser, Martin, Offy Pacesetter, Horne, Cragar, WC4D, CD-694, blower / supercharger intakes and more. Some use a back-bar. Others need our 9139K throttle extensions. Read on!

Let’s build a 3×2

This ‘How-To’ came out of a Jalopy Journal HAMB thread, on all the things to consider in setting up your small block Chevy 3×2 linkage. Direct or progressive linkage, primary and secondary carbs, set-up, balance, tuning and more.

Tuning the 3×2 Progressive linkage

So you’ve got your Stromberg TwoStep 3×2 progressive linkage. Here’s how to make the best use of it. Primary and secondary carbs, banjos, fuel pumps, push or pull? There’s a lot to learn.

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