Cable throttle systems using our 9136K bracket kit make many Stromberg 97 set-ups even easier to use. It’s compatible with pretty much all Stromberg 97-based intake manifolds, though some Ford Flathead intakes need a remote fuel pump to work with cable throttle. As a guide, the 9136K bracket positions the cable approx 1” above the carburetor mounting platform and 3-3/8” out to the left from the centre mounting stud.

You will need:
• Stromberg 9136K Cable Throttle Bracket
• Stromberg Linkage Kit to suit your application
• Aftermarket hot rod throttle cable kit

While most aftermarket throttle cable kits come with a fitting at the carburetor end of the cable which clips into a small threaded ball (also supplied), you might prefer the look of the Stromberg Rocket Clip (see pictures) – 9166K – and our own stainless steel Linkage Balls (9168K) too.

You can download ‘How To: Install 9136K Cable Throttle Bracket’ on this Tech Center.

WARNING! When mounting carburetors onto the engine, always ensure you have connected all of the linkages – throttle, choke, accelerator pump – and fuel lines correctly. Manually operate the throttle lever and choke mechanism to ensure free movement. Any sticking, binding, or ‘over- center’ movement in the linkage could result in uncontrolled engine speed, property damage, serious personal injury, or death. Always use a throttle return spring.


Mount the 9136K Cable Throttle Bracket.
Following the instructions and warnings, mount your 9136K bracket on the intake manifold under the rear carburetor. Then install and adjust the linkage, following the instructions provided.

On a 3×2 direct linkage, the 9136K bracket lifts the rear carburetor, so the front two carbs may need packing with extra gaskets (see our kit 69447K) for perfect linkage alignment. On a 2×2 direct or 3×2 progressive linkage, this is not a problem.

Mount the cable.
Install your cable kit onto the 9136K bracket as per the cable manufacturer’s instructions. This usually just involves clamping the cable outer shield through the hole in the arm of the bracket. The arm is set at an angle to give the cable the optimum ‘bind-free’ pull on the linkage.

Now attach the threaded ball to your Stromberg linkage. Remove the small black set-screw from one of the Stromberg linkage swivels (see below). Screw the threaded ball into the swivel, clamping the linkage rod as with the set screw and clip your throttle cable end (or Stromberg Rocket Clip) onto it.

If you have a 2×2 linkage, fix the cable to the front carburetor. On a 3×2 system, fix it to the center carb (either into the swivel or through the lower adjustment hole on the longer progressive lever). Always check that the threaded ball clamps the linkage rod tight.

You’re done! If you think we’ve missed anything or we could improve on this Genuine Stromberg ‘How To’, please let us know. Email –