Note: Picture to be used for reference only. Carburetor models may vary.

Note: Please read all the WARNINGS below. 

NOTE: Stromberg bowl plug gaskets are usually replaced with the whole carburetor removed from the intake manifold. However, if you are experienced with Stromberg service and repair, and want to keep a multi-carb linkage in place, an alternative is to remove just the carburetor bowl and airhorn, leaving the base castings in place on the manifold. Always make sure there is no fuel remaining in the carburetor fuel bowl.


a) Remove the three bowl plugs (48×2 and 43) and their gaskets (44) from beneath the float bowl.

b) Inspect the three plug gasket surfaces in the bowl casting for cuts, nicks or grooves. If anything is present that might prevent the gasket from sealing tight to avoid leaks, you may need to spot face the gasket surface to get a good fuel- tight seal. A trustworthy machine shop can do this for you. The cutter tool OD is 0.6inch. Inspect the three bowl plugs too. If they have chewed up slots, bad threads and/or poor gasket surfaces, replacements are available from your Genuine Stromberg dealer as kit 9522K.

c) With good gasket surfaces, fit a new ring gasket (44) to each bowl plug (48 and 43) and install them back into the casting. Take care to avoid cross-threading the plugs into the castings, especially the outer ones. And use the widest screwdriver blade you can, to avoid marking the slots in the plugs.

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