WARNING: These instructions, including the diagrams, must be read and fully understood before installation begins. Failure to follow these instructions may result in poor performance, vehicle damage, personal injury or death. If these instructions are not fully understood, installation should not be attempted.

Before installation, please check you have the correct product for your Stromberg application. If you have any questions, contact your authorized Stromberg dealer or email us – tech@stromberg-97.com.

These instructions, warnings, cautions, and notes are limited to replacement of the parts named in the Service Kit. Stromberg has separate instructions for carburetor rebuilding, installation and set­up.

WARNING: Before working on any carburetor, it should be removed from the car and dried of any fuel as gasoline and gasoline vapors are very flammable. Never smoke, use an open flame, or produce any sparks where gasoline or gasoline vapors could be present. Doing so may cause a fire or explosion, resulting in property damage, serious personal injury, or even death.

WARNING: Always perform any work on the fuel system in a well ventilated area. Failure to do so may result in the build up of dangerous gasoline or other combustible vapors that may cause severe respiratory injury, or a fire or explosion, resulting in property damage, serious personal injury, or death.


WARNING: A thorough knowledge of carburetor function and repair is required. Therefore, Stromberg recommends that rebuilding and installation be performed only by a professional auto mechanic. An improperly rebuilt or installed carburetor may cause poor performance or lead to property damage, personal injury, or death, and may void your warranty.

WARNING! When replacing the carburetor onto the engine, always ensure you have connected all of the linkages – throttle, choke, accelerator pump – and fuel lines correctly. Manually operate the throttle lever and choke mechanism to ensure free movement. Any sticking, binding, or ‘over-center’ movement in the linkage could result in uncontrolled engine speed, property damage, serious personal injury, or death.

While the individual parts in this Service Kit are covered by the Stromberg Carburetor Limited Warranty, the use of this Service Kit does not guarantee that the rebuilt carburetor will deliver correct performance and economy. For full details of the Stromberg Carburetor Limited Warranty, please go to www.stromberg-97.com