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It is our aim to provide installation instructions for every product we sell. We're working hard, but sadly it won't happen overnight, so please be patient as we add to this list.

9510A Genuine Stromberg 97 - all models

Every Genuine Stromberg 97 carburetor comes with a full literature pack including a comprehensive Installation Guide.
You can download a copy here.

New e-FIRE distributor - Flathead Ford

NEW FROM STROMBERG for your flathead Ford. The e-FIRE distributor, with electronic ignition, traditional looks, easy installation and simple set-up. Download the Owner's Manual here.  

9590K-97 & 81 Premium Service kits

How to rebuild your Stromberg 97,48, 81 or 40 carburetor. Download a copy of the full Installation Guide provided with every Genuine Stromberg Premium Service Kit. Also includes how to set your float level safely.  

TwoStep Linkage Kits

All the new Stromberg 97 TwoStep linkage kits come with a full Installation Guide. Download a copy here.  

TwoStep Progressive Linkages with Kickdown

Additional information on the installation of Stromberg progressive linkages with additional auto-trans kickdown capability. Please read this in conjunction with the full Stromberg Linkage Installation Guide, which can be downloaded using the link above.  

TwoStep 4x2 & 6x2 Linkage & Back-bar kits

Want to learn more about our industry-leading multi-carb linkage kits, including how to "Trim-to-Fit"? You can download a copy of the full Installation Guide here.  

TwoStep Fuel Line Kits

Installing a new Stromberg 97 TwoStep fuel line could hardly be easier. But we still include a full Installation Guide with every kit. Download a copy here.  

9136K Cable Throttle Bracket

Cable throttle systems using our 9136K bracket kit can make Stromberg 97 set-ups even easier to use. And it’s compatible with pretty much all Stromberg 97-based intake manifolds.  

9139K Throttle Shaft Extension Kit

If you’ve got a Weiand WC4D intake, an Edelbrock CD-694 or a blower plate, you need our easy-to-fit throttle shaft extension kit. Here's how to trim the support bracket and fit the kit.  

9146-BIG TwoStep Big Bore Fuel Line

We have a separate Installation guide for our ready-to-fit, 3x2 Big Bore fuel lines. Like all TwoStep products, they install in two easy steps. Click the button to download a copy.  

9447K Full gasket kit

Three main gaskets, a new felt one for the top of the accelerator pump and fiber ring gaskets for the power valve, inlet valve and bowl plugs.  

9447K-5 Bulk gasket kit

Installs the same as kit 9447K, but this bulk pack services five carburetors. Just download the 9447K How To.  

69447K Carb to manifold gasket 6-pack

Always replace the gasket if you remove the carburetor from the intake. It's not rocket science, but we've written a How To all the same.  

9522K Bowl plug kit

The three plugs under the float bowl. Old ones can be cross-threaded or leak through poor seating.  

9526K-97 & 48 Accelerator pump rods

The 97/81 version is longer than the 48/40 rod. Here's how to ID which one you have, and connect the throttle to the accelerator pump. Easy once you know how!  

9531K Accelerator pump lever kit

If you need this kit you're probably missing it altogether. Here's how you fit it and how it can be used to tune the power valve actuation point.  

9533K Main jets - pair

If you get into tuning your Stromberg carburetors (and you will), you may as well learn how to swap main jets properly.  

9534K Emulsion tubes – pair

If your emulsion tubes are blocked or crushed, your engine is never going to run properly. Here's how to get them out (even if they're stuck), and get them back in safely.  

9550K Brass float and hinge pin

Includes advice on setting the float level safely, without fuel, as we do at the factory  

9558K Float hinge pin

Easy to fit. Here's how. Just make sure you don't upset the float level.  

9563K Bowl plug gaskets x 10

If you are leaking gas from under the carburetor, new gaskets are a good place to start.  

9573K Accelerator pump check valve

Allows the accelerator pump to suck gas out of the float bowl, but not back in. Some old aftermarket valves were over-crimped and restrict flow.  

9592K Airhorn fulcrum screw kit

Two simple screws, but like most things, there's a knack to it.  

9594K Power valve - all sizes

You'll find it under the accelerator pump. And if you want your carburetor to work properly, it should be treated with great care.  

9630K Accelerator pump kit - 97/48/40

Stromberg pumps have leather seals which can dry out if left unused. This one comes complete and ready to install. Here's how.  

9630K-81 Accelerator pump kit - 81

The Stromberg 81 has a smaller diameter pump. This kit comes complete and ready to install. Here's how.  

9631K Accelerator pump - 97/48/40

This is the bare pump so you need to take all the springs and stuff off the old one.  

9631K-81 Accelerator pump - 81

The Stromberg 81 has a smaller diameter pump. This is the bare pump so you need to take all the springs and stuff off the old one.  
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