A lot has been said about our new Genuine Stromberg 97 carburetor since we launched. Street Rodder magazine called it, “as important an announcement as when Roy Fjastad began reproducing Deuce framerails back in 1975”. But what do our customers think? This is just a taste of the many hundreds of emails we've received over the years about Genuine Stromberg 97 carburetor parts and customer service. And yes, they're all Genuine too…

Hi Clive, It was your three 97s that powered my Merc to the 2011 James Dean Run to win Merc of the Year. Then it was the 97s again that powered the Merc to the 2012 James Dean Run to be the T-shirt Merc. So far, over 7000 miles with the tri-power 97s, no problem – runs super and looks better. Thank you again for helping us with the Tri-power setup in 2010 and for making us first for your linkage and fuel line – THE BEST! Rave On!
Ron, NY

The Stromberg 97's are great.  Being a gear head I couldn't wait to see the insides.  Since I had to change power valves and main jets for my 5,500 and up altitude, I eagerly pulled them down. Quality work everywhere…Each of the gas level (not float) measurements from the top of their fuel bowl casting to the gas level (15/32") were both spot on. These often become bent during shipping and handling, but these weren't. Even checking to see if the butterflys were centered was a surprise to find no light showing around them.  Amazing quality of manufacturing and assembly. The idle jets did take some tweaking... turned out to about 1-3/4 turns, but that's to be expected.

Main jets were changed to 42 and the power valves to 68.  Bolted the carbs down on my Edelbrock Super dual manifold on a 293" flathead. Started it up and the idle was instantly smooth at 450 rpm! Amazing is the only word which fits.

Very smooth operation and not a single problem.... yet.  But, I don't anticipate any. I've only had them on for a week and only have put on 380 miles thus far (thanks to 30+" of snow). I just wish I had had them on my recent trip to Florida In March of this year. It would have made the trip much nicer. Thanks for the quality products.  Be sure I'm telling everyone how great they are.
Paul..... aka Rumble Seat. Colorado

The carbs arrived today – it’s like Christmas came early this year!  My little Hemi should be back from the machine shop any day now. I can’t wait to get it assembled and running.
Tom, Kentucky

I want to report that the Stromberg 97 you sent for evaluation has undergone many hours of both dyno tests and road tests and has proven to be a excellent performer. There has been absolutely no shortcomings or bad behavior to comment on. Congratulations on a manufacturing fine product!! This is a very significant achievement.  
John, Georgia

Did I tell you I got 16 mpg US gallons from my roadster on the Pasadena Roadsters Reliability Run !! 55mph up the Angeles Crest Hwy . 85 mph on the freeway in the am & not sparing the horses all day up to 5000ft at times. No problems of loading up or anything. Love them 97's .When can I get some more ???
Steve, California 

Got my first complaint on the new carbs today! There was a message on our answering machine this morning from a customer in Florida. He was sounding all mean and said he just got the new carb installed on his 36 pickup and went for a test drive and ended up getting a speeding ticket and expected us to pay for it. Then he started laughing. Said he didn’t know the old truck could run that good. Was totally pleased.
Bob, Kansas

I just got back from Hawaii, threw off my board shorts, put on some  jeans, and got to work. The Strombergs prove their value...The car roars. It's actually pretty incredible how much better the throttle response is over my previous original carbs. I'm a happy camper.
Ryan, Texas

Thank you so much for the prompt response to my problem. It is good to have the old flathead running again with those great Stromberg 97's. Thanks for an excellent carburetor and thanks again for the great.  I will tell all the members of my Ford V8 club about it.

The Old Crow team were all talking about what great quality the new Stromberg 97s are. They don't leak. They don't even weep. And they did the job pretty much straight out of the box. Thanks for the help and nice work.
Bobby, California

The new Strombergs work great. I hit the starter after letting the electric fuel pump fill the carbs and the flathead started right up. I immediately noticed how much quieter the new carbs are compared to my old 94's. I have low restriction air filters and the old 94's apparently made a lot of noise. I didn't realize just how much until now, its like a completely different engine. (No kidding, I actually sat in the cab for several minutes trying to figure out what was so different.) When driving with my old carbs I usually blipped the throttle to get a few revs up when starting from a stop. With the new carbs all, I have to do is let out the clutch and step on the gas. There is no hesitation even when cold and they pulled hard through their entire range. I also noticed that the engine now starts much better. It will be interesting to see how it does when its 90 deg out. (I always did think my truck started good before but it starts instantly now.)  After parking it in the shop I lifted the hood to check for any leaks and I noticed that there wasn’t even the faintest smell of gasoline. I could always smell gas coming out of the 94's when the engine was hot. 
Mr Bill.

The carburetors arrived today, and I have to say that I am blown away. They couldn't look any better, I'm over the moon!!
Geoff, California

The Genuine 97's of yours that are on the car have been trouble free having put 16,640 mile on them. I had bought 5 of your carbs at that time & the other two I sold to a friend of mine & he has them on a 276" flathead & he is very happy as they work great on his car.

Uncle Max has us all fixed up!  We just got two refurbed carbs Monday and we sent him 2 more today. He is keeping us informed of each repair and what we can tell customers that might call in for advise. Also offered some great tips on jetting etc. It's a pleasure having a repair depot that actually gives us this info. You have a winner there!
Justin Genter. Tech service. MAC's Antique Auto Parts , New York

With your help, I'm fast becoming famous. Always told my Mum that I'd amount to something. These two babies have all your new parts in them, from throttle-plates to choke-plates and everything in between. The customer's beside himself!.
Max, Utah

I received my Stromberg 97's yesterday. They sure look good. On a scale of 1 to 10, they are somewhere above the ten. You need to know that Bill Prather (at our warehouse) was excellent in helping get these to me. We need more people like you and him in business. Thanks a million.

Congrat's on pulling this all together - it just blows me away. Very, very impressive.
Scott, Idaho

Thank you for sending me the parts I ordered,  retail packing was spot on! Very satisfied with the quality of these parts!. Thanks once again
CB, California

I believe I told you we were working on an old Chaparral race car with a modified 339 cu. in. Chevy and I'm doing the 6x2 set up. I brought along some of your parts for the owner and his crew and needless to say they were very impressed. They asked that only your parts be used in the restoration of the car. Here are the dyno numbers. 441 Horsepower. 395 Ft. Lbs. Torque. Flat Horsepower & Torque curve. H.P. rating was only 12 H.P. less than the fuel injection set up and just 15 ft. lbs. less of torque!!! Pretty damn good. :-) 
Matt, Illinois

Carbs arrived today and WHOA!!! Guys you have done a piece of art. Those are awesome. I also sold them all today, so I need more as soon as you get them. Keep me informed.
Jani, Finland

I just wanted to say "Job well done". They are better than expected. The casting material is excellent and the stainless hardware makes them ultra nice. I'll do my part to spread the word. Thanks Buzz, California

Thank you for your rapid response to my inquiry. Let me say that I have never experienced the kind of customer care that you have shown throughout my experience with you and your affiliates. If good customer service is the backbone of a company (and it surely is) then yours will be around for a long time. I received all of the other parts and they are of unsurpassed quality.
Steve, Oregon

I just learned today that the fellow you sent the four carbs too from Indy is totally blind. I had no idea. He called after he received them to tell me how nice they where and how you couldn't tell them from originals. The fellow that is building his engines said it's amazing how he feels things.
Bob, Kansas

Wanted to let you know that I received three brand new, shiny Strombergs today! They look fantastic, it was almost like Christmas
Jim, New Hampshire